A2B Metro is a popular electric bike that has been one of the first-comers on the U.S. market – often referred to as the “beast” of electric bikes due to its size and weight. At its core, the A2B Metro is looks and feels as more of an electric powered scooter than a bike that also has 7-speed pedal power available when you run out of battery power. Think of it as a hybrid with your legs being the ‘fuel-saving’ power that stretches your battery range.

MAIN Review

A2B comes with a good set of specs and components.

The advertised range for the bike is 20 miles, which can vary depending on rider weight, amount of pedaling done and the terrain. Adding an available second battery, which bolts onto the rack over the rear wheel behind the seat, doubles that range.

The battery takes about 3.5 hours to charge when fully drained, and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Other available accessories include front and rear baskets as well as rear wheel panniers, all handy items to add capacity for hauling all your stuff.

The A2B Metro offers front and rear disc brakes which is a good thing for a heavier bike. With a strong suspension and a cushy seat, it offers quite a comfortable ride.

Speed tops out at 22mph which is shown on a digital gauge on the handlebar, which also doubles as a “fuel” gauge, indicating how much battery charge you have left.

The 2011 version of A2B Metro does have regenerative braking system, so whenever you apply the brakes, it recharges the battery, just like on an electric car. There has been some controversy on whether regenerative breaking really offers additional value or if it’s more of just a marketing gimmick – here’s a good research article that looks into that further.

Personal Experience

From George Martin (full review)

I’ve owned the bike for about 18 months... With new, fresh main and auxiliary batteries, it has a real world range, without any pedaling, of 35+ miles. I've cycled both batteries about 300 times each and I'm still getting about 30 miles out of them. I have two rear collapsible baskets for groceries so it's very utilitarian. The extra range with the auxiliary battery gives some peace of mind when traveling extended distances.

In terms of the downsides, the standard tires are soft and weak. I had four flats in the first two months I owned the bike. I replaced them with 16" moped tires (they're the same size as a 20" bicycle tire) and haven't had a flat since. If you travel in hot weather for long distances a heat sensor often shuts the motor down. It takes about an hour for the motor to function again. So, after 15 to 20 miles you should stop at a place of your own choosing and let the engine cool a bit. Also the key is placed in a awkward place and you have to be careful not to kick it when mounting/dismounting the bike. The brakes do need frequent adjusting and I've replaced the pads three times thus far. And at 75 pounds this bike is heavy. So pedaling far without power may be problematic for some.


We would not recommend the bike if you actually want the authentic feel of riding your bike under your own power. It's just not practical to pedal yourself without using the electric motor virtually all the time. Also, it’s worth taking into consideration that because of its weight, it is difficult to load it into or onto your car, or carry it up stairs.



A2B Metro

Max Speed Up to 20 miles per hour
Range Up to 20 miles
Power Options Electric-Only (No Pedal Assist)
Motor Style Rear-Hub Motor
Motor Power 500 Watt
Battery 37V 11Ah
Gears / Speeds 7-Speed Shimano Alivio
Brakes Disc Brakes on the Front and Rear
Weight 80 pounds
Warranty 5 years frame, 2 year motor, 1 year battery
Included Accessories Integrated front and rear lights; LCD Speedometer, Rear Rack


A2B Metro Motor

A2B Metro