The Ohm Urban XU700 and Sport XS750 are high-performance electric-assist bicycles designed for commuting and urban use. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the company produces stylish and efficient electric bikes, but all of the models come with a high price tag.

MAIN Review

Both models are equipped with a BionX 350W rear hub motor and feature a unique battery design located in the middle of the frame.  Both have a total of 27 speeds, front adjustable suspension and disk brakes on the front and rear.
The BionX does produce a well-made motor system, but the 350W hub motor can feel a bit underpowered, especially if you’re climbing steep hills or are a heavier rider. With a hub motor, it often makes sense to aim for 500W or more to get adequate performance.

All of OHM models offer both throttle controlled power and pedal assist electrical power. The throttle control is part of the console and easily regulates the power to the rear wheel. The pedal assist control uses a torque sensor to continuously measure the assistance your pedaling provides. Using the 1-4 settings on the console you can adjust how much torque you wish the motor to provide in relation to your own power.

The battery pack is a 37V 10 Ah Lithium-Manganese battery that theoretically provides up to 56 miles of riding. The bike does have regenerative braking system, so whenever you apply the brakes it recharges the battery, just like on an electric car. There has been some controversy on whether regenerative breaking really offers additional value or if it’s more of just a marketing gimmick – here’s a good research article that looks into that further.

As a nice perk, the bikes also feature fenders, chain guards, rear racks, and 12V halogen headlights and taillights.

Personal Experience

From Jean-Marc Palmier (site)

Pros: “…it gave me a sense of freedom in transportation unequaled by any other vehicle. It's small and nimble enough to be used and carried around like a bike yet fast enough to ride on busy streets along cars. It doesn't use fossil fuels and doesn't pollute the atmosphere. It would make a great commuter vehicle for anyone who would otherwise feel intimidated by the physical effort involved in riding a normal bike to work… “

Cons: “… The battery pack leaves a bit to be desired. During a test ride, we started with a full charge and after 14 miles, it was down to about 25% of the charge, a long shot from the 56 miles range advertised. And we werepedaling normally all along the way – not just using the motor. Granted, I had the bike set to maximum power most of the time, and went up and down hills a lot. Plus, at 190 pounds, I am a rather heavy rider… “


In conclusion, Ohm certainly does produce high-end electric bicycles that are well designed and easy to ride. However, at $3,249-$4,249 – and with just a 350W hub motor – it’s not clear whether the price tag is justified.



Max Speed Up to 20 miles per hour
Range Up to 55 miles in pedal-assist mode (up to 20 miles in electric-only mode)
Power Options Pedal-Assist and Electric-Only
Motor Style Rear-Hub Motor
Motor Power 350 Watt
Battery 37V 9.6h
Gears / Speeds 27-Speed Shimano Deore
Brakes Disc Brakes on the Front and Rear
Weight 49 pounds
Warranty 1 year on motor and battery, 2 years on frame
Included Accessories Integrated front and rear lights, LCD Speedometer, Rear Rack