Learn more about the highest rated electric bikes!

1. EVELO [from $2,099]

EVELO AuroraEVELO electric bikes offer a number of features that generally only show up on bikes in the $3,000+ price range.

One of its key advantages is the 500W mid-drive motor. Unlike a hub motor which simply pushes or pulls the wheel, a mid-drive motor is mounted on the bottom bracket and is connected directly to the crankset. As a result, its power is multiplied though the bicycle gears when transferred through the chain to the wheel.


2. a2b Metro [FROM $2,850]

A2B MetroA2B comes with a good set of specs and components.

The advertised range for the bike is 20 miles, which can vary depending on rider weight, amount of pedaling done and the terrain. Adding an available second battery, which bolts onto the rack over the rear wheel behind the seat, doubles that range.

The battery takes about 3.5 hours to charge when fully drained, and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Other available accessories include front and rear baskets as well as rear wheel panniers, all handy items to add capacity for hauling all your stuff.


3. OHM [FROM $3,249]

OHM Ohm models are equipped with a BionX 350W rear hub motor and feature a unique battery design located in the middle of the frame.  Both have a total of 27 speeds, front adjustable suspension and disk brakes on the front and rear.

The BionX does produce a well-made motor system, but the 350W hub motor can feel a bit underpowered, especially if you’re climbing steep hills or are a heavier rider. With a hub motor, it often makes sense to aim for 500W or more to get adequate performance.


4. OPTIBIKE [FROM $9,995]

A2B Metro Powering the R-Series are a 22Ah lithium-ion battery and an 850W continuous brushless DC motor that Optibike says will give you about 40 miles of electric-only operation and more with a light to moderate amount of pedaling.

It’s also worth noting, however, that the Federal limit for electric bicycles is rated at 750W. So, when you use the Optibike on the streets, there is a risk of getting fined or ticketed by the police for riding a bike that goes outside these regulations and technically can be considered illegal.